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 13 Months: The World Trade Center13pt

Month Twelve: August

Feel Free to Feel Better

New York has settled in for the long haul. The largest billboard in Chinatown promotes Project Liberty, a post-September 11th mental-health hotline.

Red, White, Blue

I Love NY, redundantly
Cooper Square

Near Astor Place, a flowered WTC mural is lit by spotlights from a neighboring restaurant.

Midtown, the Empire State Building still bears only three colors, though Downtown the “I Love NY” bags have gained two extra “Loves.”

Our Mother of Sorrows

Love my monkey

A mural of faces

Pakistani fast food

In Little Italy, the tiny Chapel of Saint Gandolfo has a new icon—Our Mother of Sorrows, pictured with two planes and two towers.

A few blocks south, the Paul Smith boutique has new icons, too.

Near Ground Zero, the dome of the World Financial Center remains under scaffold.

Stadium seating

The glass facade serves as a backdrop for a concert on the Hudson.

To the west, the memorials remain. Some are taken down and carried away; others fill the gaps.

All times

Underground, subways still point to a lost station.

And all over the city, stores keep up their flags.

Moundville, Alabama


Confederate flag, heart of Dixie

Moundville gift shop

If I only had a tow hitch

I spend a weekend in Tuscaloosa, Alabama: more hearts and more flags, though many have a Southern spin.

Roll Tide
Woodrow’s Pit BBQ

They also have a few things you just can’t find in New York.

The view from Angel’s Landing, Zion National Park

Back down
Angel’s Landing

After Alabama, Utah ...

Calico Hills

Looking over the Las Vegas valley

Nevada ...

Rosarito Beach

... and Rosarito, Mexico. The colors are incredible.

Blue, Green, Pink, Blue

War on drugs

NY Yankees

I hate those ads
Waiting in line, Tijuana

Coming back, the US border is grayish brown.

Walking would be faster

A man selling a Last Supper platter wears a New York Yankees hat, but once across the border, it’s all about LA.

Lighters, pencils, cups, bells, shakers

The Bronx, Manhattan, New Jersey

The construction site
Battery Park, the Financial District
Above the East River

Back to New York, just in time to catch the end of another 95°F heat wave.

Manhattan under a morning haze

We’ll see what next month brings.