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 13 Months: The World Trade Center13pt

Month Three: November

Race to Deliver, Central Park

Everyone is talking about “the new normal.”

The Dakota

Caped runner
Sanitation trucks in front of the Dakota

A good example of the new normal is the fleet of trucks filled with sand, blocking all roads near the end of the New York Marathon.

This is probably the first time the finish line has included anti-suicide bomber measures.

Mile 26

South Street

A better view
Lunch time

Work continues around the clock, and streets open and close with the shifting orange and white barriers.

Mask & coffee

Waiting in line for a view

The view from 71 Broadway
St. Paul’s Chapel
Cable flag

At Ground Zero, the smoke has slowed, but has not stopped.

Flag and facade

I spend a few sunny minutes on the roof of 71 Broadway, just south of Trinity Church.

It’s a one-time event—the only person I know in the building is moving uptown to get away from the site.


Numbers 4 and 6 WTC

Church Street

Working on 4 WTC

Dey Street

At night, the streets are sprayed with water to settle the dust.

Wet down

USA Beauty School

Food truck

Support our businesses

For sale on Canal Street

Pigeon with Humvee

Vegas tarmac

Thanksgiving in Nevada.

They have the same billboards here.

Women for Bloomberg

By day, the city tries to go about its business.

Line to see the Red Cross
No longer accurate
New lights at the NYSE
Your brave! Thank you!
United New York
United Las Vegas

Bellagio billboards

Magnets at the dam gift shop

No lockers

And many of the same concerns.

All the brothers

Red Rock
Fence outside the New York NY Casino

No trucks allowed on the Hoover Dam