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 13 Months: The World Trade Center13pt

Month Four: December

Waiting dump trucks
An arc of water

Back in New York, the fires are still smoldering, and the debris follows a slow path from crane to dumptruck to barge.

Loading barges on the Hudson

No pictures

One way
Through the tarp

A green tarp surrounds the site. Some people poke holes, others wait in line for the best views.

Tower 1, Tower 2

Christmas tree on Greenwich

Dismantling the facade

The Pit

New pipes

Standing facade

Before the end of the month, the last slab of standing facade has been dismantled.

The work moves below ground, and slowly, steadily, The Pile becomes The Pit.

The park by the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Elsewhere, the city is a mix of flags and trees.

Red, white, and blue ornaments
A tent of teddy bears

Seasons Greetings

Fire line, do not cross

They were hanging yesterday

Where fences around Ground Zero have been recently moved or removed, only piles of flowers, wreaths, and flags remain.

Santa on skates, Rockefeller Center

3 flags at Lincoln Center

More kick
The first casualty


The streets around the site hold a confusion of messages ...

NYC to Kids

No cell phones please


Must raise cash

Thank you FDNY

Hazmat Barbie

... and memorials of all kinds.

Candles on Canal Street
St. Paul’s Chapel

The Price is Right Christmas Trees

I leave town for the holidays. Christmas in the Nevada desert is a big change from New England: instead of sawing down the tree, we buy one that’s been trucked in.

Canal & Broadway

Back in New York for the New Year, it’s cold. The National Guard keep a fire going at their Canal Street inspection station to keep warm.

Farther south, the NYPD have space heaters in their wooden guard stations.

Winter night at Ground Zero

Party Time
No parking

December 31st, and the new mayor is sworn in at 12:01 in the morning, just after the ball drops in Times Square.

Formal inauguration tomorrow

A more formal ceremony will happen tomorrow: after paying his 15 cent filing fee with the town clerk, Michael Bloomberg will become the 108th Mayor of New York City.

Metal detector tent

Of course, security is very tight.