13 Days 13 Weeks 13 Months
 13 Months: The World Trade Center13pt

Month Eleven: July

Reflecting pool

Palestinian proverb

Terrorist hunting permit

For whom he saved the Union

Washinton, D.C.

I haven’t been here for years.

Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial

Ring around the monument


Flags and barriers

There are some new additions to the familiar monuments.

New fences on the Capitol lawn
Maryland Ave closed

Call 911


I catch only a small glimpse of the Pentagon.

Ramp closed 500 ft

And my favorite agency is impossible to visit.

Outside Outside
Rhinelander, Wisconsin

This year, the 4th of July doubles as a small family reunion.

Little Swiss Village, Minocqua

M Double
Home of the Hodag

We visit all the old haunts,

38 stars (1877-1890)

light our legal fireworks,


Patriot Peeps

U.S. Nylon Banner

Made in China
Press tummy to hear prayer

and notice some new products at Wal·Mart.

Old Glory

Tray of $$

Headless patriots

Prices have dropped

There are new products in New York, too, and not just the “Free Martha” t-shirts.

Lifetime guarantee
I Heart NY Lottery

As tall or taller
Now pitching for Seattle ...

Papers on the walls of the city, some new, some torn, some faded.

Godd Bless America

And some just esoteric.


I haven’t been down to the World Trade Center site in over a month.

No trespassing

July 25th

July 26th


The perimeter has been pushed back, and there are new green tarps. These tarps seem to be stitched up regularly.

Through the looking hole

But, the following afternoon the closed holes have been pulled open again.

Over and under
9 to 9

Going ...

... gone
No tickets necessary

There is a new, larger viewing platform, and the old Fulton Street platform is in pieces.

It doesn’t take more than a day or two to remove.

Liberty Street

The new platform is on Liberty Street, just south of the site.

A new view

Chain-link fences keep everyone in line.

Work continues

Red, yellow, blue, orange

Wall supports

Thank You America

Looking back toward Church Street

Yes, it will

Mid-month, the city announces some staggering figures: 1,500,000 tons of rubble, 50,000 personal items, and 20,000 body parts have been removed from the site.

10,000 of those body parts have not yet been identified.

7 floors down

Even with a fence in between, the scale of the project hits hard.

Everyone touches the fence