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 13 Months: The World Trade Center13pt

Month Eight: April

Waiting for the pipers, Central Park

Eight thousand bagpipers march through Central Park for the Tunes of Glory Parade, led by pipers from the NYPD, the Port Authority, and the FDNY Emerald Society.

Flags on pipes

NYPD drums
Photographs of the missing

Two people marching together wear photographs of a missing officer: I don’t know their story, but a person standing next to me thinks they are the officer’s wife and father.

That evening in my local bar, I speak with a retired fireman who came in from Staten Island for ten days after the collapse to lead a team of policemen in search and rescue:

“On day one, we couldn’t even get close. Days two and three we spent digging in the dust. Every now and then I would find this gritty, almost liquid dust. Not wet, but it felt like something was there. I called the search dog over and the dog barked—a hit. But, after a couple of times I stopped calling the dog over—the smell of death depresses them, and they get depressed when they can’t find living people. So, I just put the material in the body bag. We found rings and purses and so on, and put them in the bags as well. Everything is important because it might help a family closer to closure.”

Central Park

Ashcroft has left the building

Isn’t it Enronic?

I’ll fly, you buy.

Together we can profit

Operation Anaconda

New reminders in and around Ground Zero.

Happy 24

Plane and billboard

Out with the sheetrock
Tower of Babble

New protest posters appear, with Enron added to the list.

Stop the war
Approaching spiritual death
Fire rescue
Missing: Lila
Bio-terrorism: are we prepared?

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

From the Tribeca Bridge
Pier 25

The last photograph

On April 13, the last night of the Tribute in Light, the lights are set to remain on until dawn.

Unfortunately, just after taking the photograph at left, I drop my camera and smash the lens casing.


Hard Hat Café II
Walking the line

A few days later, I return to the site with a new camera.

FDNY Ambulances

For the first time, I see a line of FDNY ambulances waiting to take away found remains.

The view from Church Street

Back to work
Chapel and flag above the viewing platform

Viewing platform information

Liberty Street

South bridge and walkway

Old signs

A walkway down Liberty Street through part of the World Financial Center is opened, simplifying access to Battery Park City.

Windows along the walkway are opaqued to keep people from looking out.

Inside the WFC

So those are bollards ...
“Counter Terrorist” needs a hyphen

Discreet sunk-metal bollards replace the large concrete planters protecting the entrance to the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building on Broadway.

City Hall Park

April showers break a record-setting week of 90° temperatures.

Battery Park City

Spotlights in the mist