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 13 Months: The World Trade Center13pt

Month Seven: March

Battery Park

Sphere and hardhat

At 8:46 on March 11, a bright clear morning six months to the minute after the first attack, an inauguration ceremony begins in Battery Park: the damaged bronze Sphere from the Liberty Plaza fountain will serve as a temporary monument.

They’re back

Lighting ceremony

Flag and floodlights

The north platform


That same night, in an empty lot to the northwest of the Trade Center site, the switch is thrown on the twin beams of the Tribute in Light.

From the Tribeca Bridge

The lights are lit every night for over a month, from dusk until 11pm.

The platform by day

Grand Central Station

Engine 55

Engine 4

Even heroes

Engine 6

By day, much of the city is FDNY red.

Ladder 101

Ladder rescue on Canal Street

Now in neon
Blowout price
Not just Bogart
Double vision
Not for use

Souveniers become increasingly elaborate.

Towers with heads
3-D mousepads

My friend Istvan Banyai draws a fake New Yorker cover after Saul Steinberg, to try to summarize New York’s shifted view of the world, 6 months afterward.

After Steinberg

No lawsuits please.

Ongoing construction
West Broadway

Wash down

Health concerns remain in the areas surrounding the recovery and construction site.

The memorial cenotaph, facing Glouchester harbor

In Glouchester, Massachusetts, the Fisherman’s Memorial lists the names of more than 5,300 Glouchestermen lost at sea.

Fishermen’s Wives Memorial
They that do business in great waters

Nearby, the newly-dedicated Fishermen’s Wives Memorial pays separate tribute to the tens of thousands left behind.

“For the victims of the WTC”
Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial

Smaller but still present, the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial faces a set of burned candles. Among the words written on their sides: “For the victims of the WTC.”

For best results, remove glasses

The Easter Puppy
Glouchester harbor

It’s Easter, and I don’t make it out of town without a passing visit from the Easter Puppy.

Boston skyline

Security seems particularly tight at Logan International Airport, origin of the two planes that hit the Trade Center.

Empire State Building
NYC: full moon, Easter colors

Back in New York, some buildings have changed their colors for Easter; the tallest building of the new skyline remains the same.