13 Days 13 Weeks 13 Months
 13 Months: The World Trade Center13pt

Month Nine: May

Misty morning viewing platform


Cross, flag, tarps

Liberty Street

No bodies have been found in the last 2 weeks, and only a few small piles of debris remain at the site. The city announces that the removal effort will end by the end of the month.

Waiting for a railing

The viewing platform still draws pilgrims, but tarps and rows of trailers on the site block much of the view.

Trailer park
Winter garden

Orange ramps allow trucks down into the site

The walls of the viewing platform tell their own story, in many languages. I wonder if the city will keep the boards.

January 20
February 25

April 22

May 1

Flowers by the gate
Penguin, sake, fire truck
A shield of roses
Fire box
Flag residue
He who fights
Pointing an arrow
New paint job
Heros are not hard to find

Off of the platform, the story continues ...

Scarred and scared
By the WFC marina
I count 40
Seeing double
NY loves something
Heart and crossbones
Where indeed?
Project Liberty

... it’s a lot to absorb.

The marina at the World Financial Center
Open for business

Temporary signage
The view from United Artists
Looking across West Street

The lobby and restaurants of the World Financial Center reopen to the public, though the Winter Garden is still under scaffold.

WFC lobby

The Battery Park movie theater reopens in time to host the Tribeca Film Festival.

The theater windows face the Trade Center site, an unintended viewing platform.

United Artists Battery park

I go back the next afternoon.The view is stunning.

A new view, from the northwest
No pictures, no looking

I notice the Burger King on Liberty Street that served as a temporary police headquarters in the days and weeks after the collapse.

Evidence upstairs, no bathroom

Farther down Liberty Street, an operations area for the fire department is taped up and covered with patches from departments around the world.

A high wall keeps the WTC site out of view. Signs and police officers keep people from peeking.

What we have done

Lower Manhattan in the distance, from Henry Street, Brooklyn