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 13 Months: The World Trade Center13pt

Month Ten: June

From Battery Park to Central Park

The flag is visible from the air

The WFC and Battery Park

Shadows on the East River

On a flight back from Boston, the pilot makes a slow, graceful curve around the tip of Manhattan.

Site and supply tent

The Trade Center site is dusty brown, and in the foreground the huge white relief supply tent is visible, blurry through the jet exhaust.

We’re just in time for sunset.

Cold Spring Harbor, NY

13 stars with fouled anchor

Shore Road

CSH General Store

On Long Island, flags are out in force. The colors seem crisper out here—maybe it’s the backdrop of green.

Flags on wheels

The summer new moon brings horsehoe crabs to the shore, in a mating ritual that may be 400 million years old.

Four males compete for a larger female
Off West Chop

Flag, dog, dropshadow
These stripes bite back
Martha’s Vineyard, USA

All in all, the Vineyard seems at one with the rest of the country, despite what the PO Boxes say.

The Cold Spring Harbor General Store is full of flag merchandise, but it pales in comparison with the stores on Martha’s Vineyard.

Just off the ferry in Vineyard Haven, the Black Dog has an updated version of the ubiquitous black dog t-shirt. A portion of the proceeds helps the American Rescue Dog Association.

For all your Patriotic Dogs

Of course, there are also patriotic lobsters for sale, and expensive baby dresses in Edgartown.

6 months, $84
Did they secede?

Changing light on West Chop
Gay Head, Martha’s Vineyard

Spring Rates, God Bless

So too in Maine, where the tourist season is just getting started.

Love & hate at Zum Schneider
Osama & Frankie in Little Italy
Posting bills is OK
Fuck Communism
Dogs playing pool

Of course, there are more things to buy than there are things to read.

Most of the starred and striped merchandise is wildly overdone.

Hunting stripes

Billowing smoke and sirens from Church Street cause concern on the street, but it’s just a cab that has caught on fire. The cab’s front end melts into the street.

This one is everywhere

Back in New York, expressions of support and protest and remembrance and hate are much grittier.

Nice job, dirt bag
Robbed, ignored, lied, denied
No pedants

Also mixed in are a few protests that seem obsolete now.

Sidewalk on Avenue C
Fighting eagle tatoos
Platters and ashtrays
Towers and FDNY snowglobes
Cabs and cruisers
Melted cab

New taxi map

Later, in another taxi, I notice an updated map: the old drawing of the towers has been replaced with a red, white, and blue ribbon.

Temporarily closed after Sep 11

The subway maps are more literal.